Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daley T-Shirts and more...just in time for the holidays!

 This shirt is screen printed from an original painting titled, "Meter Remains As A Courtesy To Cyclists."  An honor and a scorn to our loved and hated Mayor of 21 years, Richard M. Daley.
Also available are limited edition 11x14" giclee prints.  Shirts $20 ("Alternative" brand 67% poly/33% cotton), prints $65 (fine art archival paper)

 These shirts were run a few years back while the Bush Administration was trying to forcibly monitor our library activity.  You may remember John Ashcroft testifying to Congress about the troublesome resistance they were getting from the men and women who serve as the custodians of our literary world.  Without any sign of laughter, he declared our Country to be unsafe due to these..."radical, militant Librarians" who would not hand over public library records pertaining to our borrowing habits.  Only 4 shirts left, 2 each of large and x-tra large for both styles...$10ea. (Hanes cotton)

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