Monday, December 26, 2011

Revolution 2012



Officer John Pike has struck a chord with our national psyche. The images of Pike casually pepper-spraying a group of college students as they peacefully protested signaled a disconnect between the power holders and the powerless majority.

When FOX News aired its coverage on the pepper-spraying attack, correspondent Megyn Kelly said “it’s a food product essentially...” and fellow correspondent Bill O’Reilly responded with, “we shouldn’t be Monday morning quarter-backing the police anyway...its a liberal campus.”

In this way, FOX News deliberately misleads viewers into believing that being liberal somehow warrants police abuse. Studies show that those who watch FOX News know less about current events and answer more questions incorrectly than those who watch or listen to no news at all. 

I felt it necessary to make the connection between the ignorance and violent nature of this officers actions and the inciteful rhetoric that is the mainstay of Fox News. 

(Inciteful, india ink with vinyl and acrylic paint on birch wood, with raw steel frame, 24x24x1.5" copyright 2011 Brian Morgan)

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